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Mayor’s statement

Manifiesto Alcalde para Diputación

Mayor’s Statement:

D. Ángel Sáez Huertas, Mayor of San Miguel de Salinas, and to the growing news that come from the Generalitat Valenciana on the Diputación de Alicante:


Diputación and municipality are two levels of local government united in terms of composition and provision of services.
The identity of the Provincial Institution is local and, therefore, the reason for its existence, is to articulate the municipal autonomy.
If these functions were transferred to another level of government, we would cease to comply with the principle of subsidiarity, thereby weakening that municipal autonomy.

For all this, from the City of San Miguel de Salinas, we consider that the role of the Provincial Council of Alicante is essential, especially for small municipalities like ours. During these years we have received permanent technical assistance, legal cooperation, advice and above all economic.

In these bad years of crisis that we have taken, the Diputación de Alicante has been there to allow us to continue offering citizens much needed services.

To cite some figures, only last year 2016, the subsidies received from the Diputación for our town, were 489.625,02 euros, of which 150,000 euros were for financially sustainable works. With the Fund proposed by the Council of Mr. Ximo Puig and Ms. Oltra, our municipality would have received only 95,199 euros.

From our local government, we know that the Diputación de Alicante is in itself a Municipal Cooperation Fund, since at present it destines more than 140 million euros to the municipalities of our province, being the Administration that most invests in the towns.

The balance of San Miguel de Salinas with the Diputación de Alicante is clearly positive. Without the provincial institution, we ourselves would not have been able to carry out so many investment projects and so difficult to undertake within a framework of restricting public spending as we find ourselves. Their services today are inalienable.



Informational talk in English on Floor Clauses


On March 10 at 12:00 a the Social Center of the Philippines will hold an informative talk on soil clauses.

This chat may assist any citizen who has doubts about whether their mortgage contains clause soil. It will be given by attorney D. Hernández Tomé, from the Ilustre Bar Association of Orihuela.

The talk will be in ENGLISH.

From the Department of Housing and Citizen Care we intend to give an information that today the citizens demand, so given the enormous impact of this issue we have chosen to start with an informative talk.

Department of Housing and Citizen Care

María José Costa Medrano