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Cultural Heritage


San Miguel de Salinas has an area of ​​54.90 km2, communicated by county roads, and by the A-37 Alicante-Cartagena that connects with the A-7. Located on a watchtower, in the foothills of the Sierra de los Alcores and overlooking the fertile alluvial plains of the Segura River, the salt lakes and the Mediterranean coast.

The first settlers of San Miguel of whom they have vestiges are the Iberians, whose remains of ceramics are in abundance in its surroundings. Then towns like the Romans and the Arabs were established.

It began to settle around 1599 when the first homes were built in what is now the urban area. In the year 1836 is when finally the new and definitive San Miguel de Salinas Town Hall is created creating clashes with the neighboring towns by the limits of the term. The debates for the recovery and extension of the municipal term, began again and in 1955 was granted the municipal term that today it owns.