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Procedures and requests

Town Planning Ordinances

Processing of authorizations in urban planning through a responsible declaration
ICIO Modification and Tax Ordinance
General conditions award PAI with modification
Certificate issuance certificate urban compatibility and granting license opening establishments
Service fee urban licenses and other services
Procedure for processing minor works by means of a responsible declaration
Administrative Exemption Fee
Rate using public domain companies mobile phone
Use and utilization rate of land, subsoil and public road
Granting of building and occupation licenses – modified in terms of the Rate
Report – Urban Certificate
Model of Self-assessment of the ICIO and the Fee for Processing Licenses

Return of Bail or Cancellation of Guarantee

Return of Bail or Cancellation of Guarantee for Works License

Urban Discipline

Initiation Complaint of Urban Infringement (Law 5-2014)

License Activities

Communication of Safe Activities (Law 6-2014)
Environmental Responsible Declaration (Law 6-2014)
Municipal Urban Report (accredited urban compatibility) (Law 6-2014)
Environmental License (Law 6-2014)
Transmission license activity (Transfer of rights expte in Procedure) (Law 6-2014)
Transmission license activity (Law 6-2014)
Prior communication and responsible declaration (Law 12-2012)
Communication transmission license activity with responsible declaration (Law 12-2012)
Statement Responsible portable facilities (Law 14-2010)
Statement responsible for opening licenses Public Establishments (Law 14-2010)
Transmission license opening Establishments Public (Transfer rights expte in process) (Law 14-2010)
Transmission license opening Public Establishments (Law 14-2010)

Major Work License

Major Work License

Small Work License

Responsible Declaration Small Business License

Occupation License

First occupation license (Law 3-2004)
Second or later occupation occupations (Law 3-2004)

Partitioning or segregation license

Partitioning or segregation license
Municipal ordinances available at SUMA
General Instance
Previous appointment health
Procedures Employment

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